Recording Release

12 Views on Life (July 19, 2024)

Release by Neuma Records
12 Views on Life is a testament to the power of music to
transcend barriers and connect us all in our shared humanity.
Through her fearless exploration of sound and emotion, Eunmi
Ko invites listeners to join her on a journey of self-discovery and reflection. 



This is a project that is infinitely more stimulating (musically, educationally, intellectually, spiritually) than it looks at first glance. The piece clearly comes from the heart of Tyler Kline; may it go to the heart of the listener (as “someone” famous once sort of said). Presentation is first-class, with beautiful illustrations of the fruit under consideration on the front and back cover, on the discs themselves, and also on the track listings – Colin Clarke, Fanfare



I guarantee that your listening will be expanded to include a wider scope of sound, beautifully played. – New York Concert Review



My ears remained riveted on the precise pianism of Ko, who brings these piece to light in splendiferous fashion – Fanfare 



The performance by Ko and the McCormick Percussion Group is incredible, making this recording one that lovers of new music should add to their collections – I Care If You Listen 


There is some seriously good music on display here. The McCormick Percussion Group and Eunmi Ko on piano are excellent throughout – Gramophone

Kid Stuff is not a typical solo piano album. While it is clear that each composition is built around the piano and that each recording includes absolutely stunning playing by Ko, she expertly balances her role as a soloist  by complementing the other performers throughout the disc – Gordon Hicken, NACWPI Journal 

It is a hauntingly beautiful performance…For its important new contributions to the percussion repertoire and the sheer expertise in performance, it seems destined to become a staple in the libraries of percussion aficionados at the very least – New York Concert Review

She Rose, and Let Me In

It is Ko’s innate sensitivity and her affinity to the music’s Innigkeit that shines through the performance, however much one might be dazzled by her undeniably impressive prestidigitation –  Fanfare

This is an unusual, colorful program of 19th, 20th, and 21st Century piano music played with a disarmingly supple touch by pianist Eunmi Ko –  American Record Guide

It comes into competition with both Kvapil and Moravec, but Ko holds her own – International Piano Magazine 


Musical Landscapes of Hilary Tann 

Pianists Eunmi Ko and Albert Kim, violinist Sini Virtanen and cellist Andrew Barnhart bring out the expressive eloquence of the music with care and heartful feeling –  Gapplegate Classical-Modern Music